Fall Harvest @ Long & Scott Farms



If you were to stay on highway 441 driving northeast from our Hampton Inn hotel of Leesburg/Tavares you would eventually come to the little hamlet of Zellwood, Florida.  Zellwood is know for it agriculture and specifically its sweetcorn.  Most Zellwood sweetcorn is from a local landmark, Long & Scott Farms.  Although this farm is known as a major producer of pickle cucumbers, corn, red cabbage, and hay, they are also an attraction drawing children and adults alike every fall.

Opened in 1963, Long & Scott Farms has been operating for 50 years as of this year, 2013.  In that time it has remained family-owned and family friendly.  The farm has it’s major agricultural operations but also a local access farmers market that features the corn, cabbage, and cucumbers but also a variety of peppers, potatoes, yams, squash, local honey, southern sauces, and handmade gifts.  They even have a seasonal cafe that uses farm fresh produce to create healthy and hearty dishes.

As much as residents love the fresh food and the economic boost of this booming farm, they are most familiar with it for its annual fall events including a humongous corn maze.  The corn maze covers dozens of acres of land and is not only a thrilling, twisting, turning, labyrinth, it is also a picture when seen from the air!  Each year the maze has a theme like patriotism, renewable energy, American heroes, space, Florida Agriculture, meteorology and  more!  Kids and adults will enjoy this great activity that gets the family off the couch and exercising, trying to weave in and out from start to finish.

The farm also has a playground for kids, a mini-zipline, hay rides, farm tours, a fishing pond and other great activities. Please click here to find out more about Long & Scott Farms and their wonderful maze!

By Becky Schaff

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