Floating Ghosts Seance Tours


floating ghosts

Are you ready for a spooky encounter in the historic city of Tavares, Florida?  If so, then sign up today for a spot on the Floating Ghosts Seance Tours.  These theatrical tours run only part of the year and start in the evening between 7-9 pm depending on sunset.  The walking tour starts in Hoity-Toity Merchantile on Main Street of Tavares where tour guests can enjoy a glass of wine before the tour.  The tour lasts for 75 minutes and winds along the waterfront and side streets of the city.

Tours are both fun and freaky as your guide retells spooky stories from this historic city’s past as well as funny antidotes.  Tours are very casual and include stops at various bars so that guests on the tour can enjoy refreshment along the way.  This tour is not recommended for young children of those who scare easily.  Along the tour you may see special effects and “ghosts” decked out in period costumes.  Scary sounds may also haunt your tour.  The tour ends with a seance to leave you with shivers.  Floating Ghosts also hosts dinner parties with your own private seance to spook your friends and family.  Visit their website to find out more.

By Becky Schaff

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