Our Hampton Inn of Leesburg-Tavares, Florida appreciates those guests who book with us often or whose companies do regular business with our Hampton hotel.  For this reason, we are excited to offer such individuals and businesses considerably lower rates, specifically for them, to make the reservation process simpler.

Although a discount is a great incentive for setting up a business rate with our Hampton Inn, the bigger incentive is the convenience.  By having a local rate, you will receive a unique company code and booking link which provides access to your discounted rate 24/7 online or via a phone call to our hotel.  Your business account can include personalized tracking or billing instructions and you will have the ability to keep your information easily retrievable for every stay.

Business accounts can opt to set up direct billing, provide credit cards on file for all company reservations, keep tax exempt certificates on file, and other useful billing tools to make your record keeping easier.  By establishing a company account, you also differentiate yourself as a loyal guest and our staff are trained to make extra efforts to accommodate your special requests, provide upgrades, discount meeting space and other perks reserved for our most frequent guests.  If you, your business, or your affiliated organization could use such an account, please email us with you questions and request at

For existing business account holders, please enter your code below and click Book Now.


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