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Salt is good on food.  That is what most people know about salt.  However, salt has a number of other medicinal and therapeutic uses that are only now beginning to catch on with Americans.   For centuries salt caves have been treated like spas.  Visitors will go to a salt cave with various respiratory illnesses or with colds and breathing the salt laden air helps to clear their bodies of many harmful bacteria and allow them to walk away inhaling and exhaling without any difficulty.  It has been noted to help those with OCPD, asthmatic complications, allergies, skin conditions, and flu-like symptoms.   Salt scrubs are also used to clean dead skin cells and provided a softer skin texture.

Although this practice of using salt for medicinal purposes has been adopted in European and Mediterranean cultures, it is only now beginning to spread in the United States.  Luckily, those of us living in or visiting Central Florida can enjoy a salt room experience easily.  With locations in Winter Park, Ocala, and The Villages, there are many options to choose from.   The Salt Room of The Villages offers several desirable spa services.

The Salt Room of The Villages is located within half an hours drive of our Leesburg hotel in the city of Lady Lake.  They provide a broader menu of services than many spas and salt rooms and combine features of both for those looking for a holistic experience.  Their Villages location features a large salt room which is completely covered, walls, ceiling, floors, with salt crystals.  There is vent in the wall that gently blows powdered salt into the air so the you breath it in.  The room is dimly lit with light music playing and guests can read, nap or meditate during their 45 minute session.  The air in the room feels like the air at the beach and guests will notice the slight taste of salt as they relax in zero gravity reclining chairs.

A second salt room is for children.  Here there is a play table with toys, beach toys, and more.  Children can treat the room like a giant sandbox scooping up the salt on the floor and piling it up elsewhere.  They can also nap if tired.  A large massage room also features salt on the walls and in the air.  This massage room is frequently converted into a yoga room.

In addition to the salt therapy and massage, The Salt Room of The Villages offer customers acupuncture services, salt scrubs, and skin treatments.  Whether you want to relax and pamper yourself or address a breathing issue that has plagued you, the Salt Room offers an affordable and non-invasive way to increase your health.  For more information please contact The Salt Room of The Villages.

By Becky Schaff

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